Complementary services

The exceptional quality and the great variety of our services ensure the reputation of our residences. Nothing is left to chance. Our services and amenities aim to anticipate and meet your needs in every detail and to make your daily life more enjoyable.

The comfort and all the amenities of a hotel ... at home!

We create for you easy-to-access leisure spaces that encourage an active and social life. A safe environment in which you can take care of yourself. Several services are also available to enhance and simplify your everyday life, such as housekeeping, a shuttle service, a beauty salon and much more!

For your entertainment

Recreational activities, Library, Home cinema, Aquafit, Physical activity, Bowling


*Services may vary depending on the residence.
Live better longer

Qualified personnel 24/7, Clinic by appointment, Health Care “à la carte”


*Services may vary depending on the residence.
Safe environment

Electronic access system, 24/7 Surveillance, Receptionist 7 days a week, Surveillance cameras


*Services may vary depending on the residence.
The joy of eating

Choice of menu, Meal packages, Dining room with table service, Private dining room for guest reception


*Services may vary depending on the residence.
The essentials

Heating, Electricity, Internet, Laundry service, Cable service, Building maintenance, Air conditioning


*Services may vary depending on the residence.
On-site amenities

Mobile shop, Convenience store,Housekeeping, Pharmacy, Hairdresser, Beauty salon


*Services may vary depending on the residence.


Seniors who have just undergone surgery may find themselves alone at home or accompanied by a close relative who cannot ensure their safety. To avoid this situation, we offer you a stay in residence for a few days or even a few weeks (a minimum of one week is required). In our Rose-Aimée care units, you will recover in a safe environment, surrounded by a professional and dedicated team. To establish the level of care required, our team will conduct a medical evaluation beforehand.

Call us to find out if the residence near you offers this service at 1-844-738-7248.


Ne manquez pas cette occasion! Profitez d’un séjour dans l’un de nos appartements hôtel pour une durée minimale d’une semaine. Clé en main et tout inclus, ce service vous permet d’essayer la vie au sein d’une de nos résidences. À l’image d’une expérience hôtelière, tout ce dont vous aurez besoin, c’est votre valise! À noter que ce service est aussi offert aux familles qui désirent passer du temps auprès de leurs parents ou de leurs proches. Informez-vous auprès de votre résidence.

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