Live better longer

Live better longer

Based on the latest research in geriatrics, healthyID® is a program of activities, advice and access to a network of healthcare professionals for retirees.

Your health,
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The program proposed by healthyID® aims to encourage Sélection Retraite residents to adopt good habits in order to enjoy a more active life. In order to do so, the healthyID® program focuses on five dimensions: an active social life, physical and intellectual activities, nutrition, the use of new technologies and the creation of environments tailored to the clientele’s needs.

healthyID® dedicated to your well-being

Sélection Retraite applies this vision by creating stimulating and dynamic living environments, where technology is an omnipresent aspect of everyday life that accompanies the residents in their activities. Special attention is also paid to nutrition, which is reflected in our well-balanced menus. In addition to this, a team of experienced recreation technicians ensure that the clientele benefits from adapted and diversified activity programs.


The link between active social life and retirees’ health is well-established. Studies have noted a slowing in cognitive and functional decline, a decrease in drug use and an increased sense of well-being among socially involved and active retirees.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), retirees who enjoy an active lifestyle live longer and healthier lives. Physical activity can even increase longevity if it has been part of lifestyle for a long time.


Over the years, our body undergoes changes that influence its nutritional needs. It is therefore necessary to adjust our diet according to the current state of our health. Moreover, the vast majority of disorders observed during aging, such as osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension, are related to nutrition issues.


Access to technological tools such as tablets, computers and smart phones (whether it is for online transactions or news), promotes autonomy. It also enriches social life by facilitating communications with family and friends. It is also a form of cognitive training that keeps the brain active.


The quality of the environment in which a person lives is a key factor in their well-being. As a matter of fact, our environment influences both our physical and our psychological health. To be happy and to feel at home, here are two essential conditions to help one age well and stay active. The quality of the environment at Sélection Retraite is reflected in the convivial and warm atmosphere that encourages interactions between individuals.

Gustav - At your service

Sélection Retraite has acquired a new electronic tool to simplify and optimize the coordination of health care and services. This tool is GUSTAV.

From now on, our healthcare personnel will carry around all the information they need to serve you well. Indeed, this digital tool is powered by an electronic device the size of a smartphone or tablet.

This device allows our personnel to consult your file and update it with a few clicks in order to offer you an enriched personalized experience.

For, as you know, our team aims at offering you the best service possible.

GUSTAV, better informed, better cared for

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