Rose-Aimée is watching over you

Thanks to our adapted facilities and the quality care delivered here, you’ll be able to maintain your independence in the reassuring setting of your apartment.

Always present


My exclusive offer

At Sélection Retraite, our mission is to offer you a living environment that meets your needs and interests. A respectful living environment that values autonomy, security and socialization.

Reliable and respectful, our staff deploys all its know-how and expertise to deliver quality services adapted to your reality and your needs, with safety as our first concern under all circumstances. At Sélection Retraite, you are in good hands.

Your service options

  • Cable, Internet and telephone service (long distance not included)
  • Monitoring system and assistance pullstring;
  • Domestic help and housekeeping services
  • Balanced meals and snacks
  • Hygiene care, dressing assistance
  • Distribution and administration of medication
  • Weight measurement and vital signs assessments including glucose
  • Recreational activities with animation
  • Protected unit

    *Service offer may vary from one complex to another.

All life long, having a roof over our head to ensure our security and well-being is part of our basic needs. Over time, places we live in end up inhabiting us, and leave a permanent mark in our memory. And then there are also people who leave their mark on us at different times of our life. Among them was my paternal grandmother, Rose-Aimée.

The Rose-Aimée care units are among those places where we find particularly reassuring people, who comfort us and help us to stay anchored. Something that reminds me of my grandmother, Rose-Aimée. In hindsight, I realize today that when my father built his company, Sélection Retraite, he was inspired by values my grandmother instilled in him.

Upon entering one of our units, you will feel the human warmth that characterized my grandmother. You’ll also be reassured by how engaged and competent our health professionals are.

Audrey Anne Bouclin
Advisor, Customer Experience Strategies and daughter of Sélection Retraite’s Founding President

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